Doug Laux and Ben Smith are former CIA field operatives now working in the private sector. Together they are the stars of the hit non-scripted television series for Discovery Channel entitled, Finding Escobar’s Millions. They are currently developing a new series as well as a documentary slated for early 2019.

In Development

The Operatives – Episodic television series deconstructing the world of espionage 2020

The Hump – Feature length documentary set in the jungles of Myanmar (Burma) 2020

The Investigation Of – Episodic podcast series 2019


Ben Smith was raised on a farm in Washington State in a large family. He enjoyed the work pursuing national security interests around the globe, but then he met a girl… He currently lives in New York City, where he is completing a science-fiction novel.

Doug Laux grew up in small-town Ohio as the son of a steelworker. Throughout his career, he completed warzone tours tracking al-Qaeda, Taliban, and ISIS terrorists across multiple countries. He currently lives in Key West where he is completing his dive master certification.



If you wish to discuss a new business opportunity with Ben and Doug, please contact Ms. Zhang Li at the following address. For inquiries about the television show, Finding Escobar’s Millions, please review the contact information below for William Morris Endeavor.