On 14 October 2019, Douglas Laux participated in his third Ask Me Anything on Reddit. I am a former CIA operative turned Detective John Kimble. Ask me anything. Again. It’s Columbus Day in the state of Ohio which means I absolutely got the day off. It also means that if

Stanford University Students Interview Douglas Laux

New York Times bestselling author, Douglas Laux, sat down with students from Stanford University to discuss career opportunities at the Central Intelligence Agency. Laux was an Operations Officer in the Directorate of Operations and shared his opinions on the top five skills necessary for this career track. “As an Operations

Douglas Laux Calls Into Student Podcast

In March 2019, former CIA operative, Douglas Laux, called into a high school student’s podcast to discuss how Laux came to join the Central Intelligence Agency. The podcast was subsequently featured on Spotify and NPR.

How to Sneak Up on Area 51

As the secret base gets “stormed,” a veteran of war and conspiracy reporting reflects on the Nevada desert’s dirtiest un-secrets. Matt Farwell September 20, 2019 Two Christmases ago, my friend Doug Laux asked me to drive with him on Nevada 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway, to stay in the haunted Clown Moteland then roll

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