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Who We Wish To Become

It is not entirely uncommon to witness someone crying at the dentist’s office. Few if any, particularly enjoy a trip to the doctor and a recent Gallup poll lists it in the top ten amongst fears of adults. Generally though, that someone producing tears, will be from that of a child. On the 7th of May 2004, however, that someone was me. At the time, I was a junior in…

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Douglas Laux Speaks About His Role On Spy Games

When producers of Bravo’s “Spy Games” told Douglas Laux of Coldwater to approach the reality TV contest as if it were the real deal, he turned into a hard-as-nails instructor, the type he endured at the Central Intelligence Agency’s training facility called The Farm. Laux said his performance as one of the show’s three judges makes Simon Cowell look like a teddy bear. “They didn’t tell me to be mean…

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Markhor Top 50

Markhor Radio is now in the top 50 for Apple podcasts in it’s genre. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/markhor-radio/id1367193568

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Roswell: The First Witness

Roswell: The First Witness uses new advanced technologies, behind the mysterious 1947 Roswell, NM crash. The series follows the grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel, the first person to investigate the wreckage. The investigation is being led by Ben Smith, a former CIA operative. The family believes Major Marcel was forced by the U.S. government to deny he ever saw a UFO. They possess Major Marcel’s diary, believed to contain coded clues about the truth…