10E Booze & Book Club

On January 8th, Douglas Laux was selected to kick off the first annual 10E Booze & Book Club sponsored by Mike Dawson and Mark Geragos.

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The Leadership In Tech Interview

This is the first of two episodes where Zac and Errol interview a very special guest, Douglas Laux. Doug is a former CIA case officer, joins Zac and Errol to discuss his book and his time in the CIA, JSOC, even when he worked with DHL the trucking/logistics company. They

Congressional Recognition

On September 13, 2018, Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH 8th District) recognized Douglas Laux for his bravery and service to the country during a live speech to the 115th Congress. The transcript of the speech can be found below. “Mr. Speaker, to recognize Mr. Douglas Laux of Coldwater, Ohio. After attending

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The Importance of Travel

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