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On September 13, 2018, Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH 8th District) recognized Douglas Laux for his bravery and service to the country during a live speech to the 115th Congress. The transcript of the speech can be found below.

“Mr. Speaker, to recognize Mr. Douglas Laux of Coldwater, Ohio. After attending Indiana University, Doug served for seven years with the Central Intelligence Agency as an Operations Officer. Unknown to his family and friends, Doug operated undercover in Afghanistan and Syria fighting America’s global war on terror. Working in Afghanistan, Doug quietly penetrated the ranks of Al Qaeda and the Taliban where he was able to infiltrate and eliminate one of the largest IED manufacturers in the world. Doug left the CIA in 2013 and now lives quietly in his hometown of Coldwater, Ohio. While Doug does not seek recognition for his past service, his actions struck a major blow to our enemies abroad and deserve commending. Mr. Speaker, I ask you to join me to recognize the bravery of Mr. Laux and wish him continued success as a private civilian.”

Laux Congressional Record