Go-Jii-Ya 2019

Live from the Go-Jii-Ya Harvest Festival in Dulce, New Mexico. Go Jii Ya LIVE 2019 Go Jii Ya LIVE 2018 MARKHOR RADIO on iTunes

Interview With CIA Operative Goes Terribly Wrong

In the summer of 2017, former CIA operative Douglas Laux sat down for an interview in New York about his book, Left of Boom, and his television show, Finding Escobar’s Millions. Needless to say, it was not the type of interview Laux was expecting…


Hometown Heroes

On 22 May 2019, Douglas Laux was honored as the Hometown Hero at Progressive Field during a Cleveland Indians vs Oakland Athletics game.

The Wild Man Archetype

Weird, Wicked Weird: Researching literary wild men https://mobile.twitter.com/cryptoloren/status/1144267942785441793

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