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Roswell: The First Witness

Roswell: The First Witness uses new advanced technologies, behind the mysterious 1947 Roswell, NM crash. The series follows the grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel, the first person to investigate the wreckage. The investigation is being led by Ben Smith, a former CIA operative. The family believes Major Marcel was forced by the U.S. government to deny he ever saw a UFO. They possess Major Marcel’s diary, believed to contain coded clues about the truth…

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Douglas Laux Joins Chartwell

Douglas Laux has signed on with Chartwell Speakers bureau. Representing the world’s finest experts, from world-class scientists, economists and politicians to the most inspirational thought-leaders and historians.

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Welcome To Spy Games

Ep 1: Welcome to Spy Games Ten daring individuals come together to live out their spy fantasies and attempt to win the ultimate game of espionage, based on a once-secret World War II spy program called STATION S, where America recruited civilians to a remote estate and turned them into SPIES. The group is surprised with an early test of survival, as they are left to find allies amongst a…

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The Moment Before The Explosion

The translated copy of Left of Boom is now a Bestseller in Czech Republic where it is titled The Moment Before The Explosion! Anotace Skutečné příběhy tajných operací CIA v Afghánistánu vyprávěné přímým účastníkem – mladým, ambiciózním a zároveň idealistickým zpravodajcem Dougem. Od vstupu do CIA netouží po ničem jiném než po nasazení v terénu, na oné pověstné frontové linii. S obrovskou energií se vrhá do práce, aby bojoval s…